Monday, May 6, 2013

Love where you are

I had a fantastic week spending time with so many people I love. The kids and I got to enjoy four crazy, fun days at my cousins beach condo in Galveston with my sweet aunts and my mom. I love our late night chats, lazy days (as lazy as it gets with two littles) and spending quality time with family. Addy loved making crafts for everyone and playing in the sand. We also went to San Antonio for the weekend and spent Saturday night with the Wood family sharing delicious food, watching the kids run around and the adults played dominoes until one in the morning! Sunday we went to Ryan and Aubra's for their huge, fun Cinco de Mayo celebration and were surrounded by old and new friends.

Nick and I got in the car Sunday to head back to Kyle and my heart ached to leave the people and places I love. We have been in Kyle for 6 months and I doubt we have spent more than two weekends in a row here. I have made a few acquaintances and one friend in that time. We live in the sticks without neighbors with kids so I don't have the daily interaction with friends I loved and cherished in MN. We lived next to other wonderful moms with littles and all sat outside every afternoon and chatted about little things and big things while the kids drew with chalk, rode power-wheels and bikes and fought over who got the orange jump rope. I love the women I shared my days with and miss that here.

So this one is for me- advice I need to heed. Love where you are. Someday this will be where our memories are so I need to be building them.  I need to plant myself in the community and create the friendships I miss. I need to treasure the quiet time with my kids- walks to the river, playing in our little home, cooking dinner with more helpers than free hands. I need to remember that this season of my life where I am never alone will still feel lonely sometimes because free time for other adults is scarce and that's ok.

We all go through challenges and changes and its important to step back and remember who led you where you are. I PRAYED to be here and God said yes. I need to make the most of my time in this place- the physical place where I live and this place in life as a busy stay at home mom. My goal for now is to stay put. To dig in our heals and be here to make our life here because God put us here for a reason and to be in prayer that it will be a fruitful, precious time in our life.